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Ashvale Fundraising Nights

Ashvale fundraising nights (quiz, bingo or race) have proved to be extremely successful and it’s the norm for us to be booked up six months’ in advance.

In Aberdeen and Portlethen we can take bookings for any night of the week and on Sundays at Great western Road we’re happy to hold events in the afternoon. In our Elgin and Inverurie we take bookings for any night from Monday to Thursday.

Fridays and Saturdays are, of course, the most popular nights. Before you book an event it’s important to discuss your plan with those within the group/ organisation/club you are involved with to make certain that everyone is willing to participate. (By ‘participate’ we mean they should support the fundraising effort – encouraging family, friends and work colleagues to buy tickets, buy horses, provide a prize for the raffle, etc.) This is particularly important in organising a race night which is the event that raises most funds – unlike bingo and quiz nights you are not only selling tickets but also horses and getting race sponsors. It takes time to do this and you will need help.

We charge £10 for the meal served and that is the only payment you make to The Ashvale. For quiz nights, we give each member of the winning team an Ashvale voucher for two meals; for bingo we give the winner of each game an Ashvale voucher for two meals; and for race nights we give the owner of the winning horse that same voucher. We’ve given below some figures to show how much can be raised on a race night – we’ve based this on 90 people attending but we comfortably accommodate 100 on a fundraising night. To hold a reasonably successful fundraiser we think a minimum of 50 tickets needs to be sold.

If you have booked a date and have started to sell tickets, etc. and then find you do not have the support you expected please give us six weeks’ notice that you are unable to go ahead with the event. Cancelling the week before doesn’t allow us to give a group on the waiting list time to put their plans into operation and, of course, our staffing arrangements must be changed at the last minute.


 Give yourself plenty of time to arrange the event

 Get helpers to sell tickets, horses and sponsors in advance of the night

 Collect the money for tickets as you hand them out – not on the night itself

 Ask people for raffle prizes for the night

 Encourage people to invite their friends, partners, etc.




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